Documentary film about a corsican TV crew trying to find a Hollywood director to make a movie about Corsica's not so famous hero: Pascal Paoli.

Paoli in Hollywood ?

Documentary about Pascal Paoli

While working on a documentary film about Napoleon's youth hero, Pasquale Paoli, a local TV crew from Corsica finds out that the whole island is actually expecting that one day, a major Hollywood director will shoot the biopic about their favorite historical figure.

And what if they actually went there and try to convince a superstar to do the movie ?

This Paoliwood documentary follows the quest of the TV crew to meet a well known, Oscar winning director, starting from scratch on their little Mediterranean island.

Will they find someone to talk to ?

Will they put back on the spotlight the Corsican hero that once inspired the American Constitution ?

Wait and see !

Who was Paoli ?

The Father of the Corsican Nation, "u Babbu" as he was called, was a statesman from Corsica. He fought for the independence of the island against the Genovese and the French during the XVIIIth century.

Part of the Enlightnement in Europe at the time, he wrote a constitution, one of the first of its kind, that later inspired the Founding Fathers of the United States of America through the book of James Boswell: Journal of a Tour to Corsica, a worldwide best-seller at the time.

Paoli statue in Corte, Corsica

The Film Crew

The 3 members of the crew are usually working for French TV show, documentaries etc.

They were all together studying at the University of Corsica... created by Pascal Paoli himself !

Lionel Dumas-Perini

Lionel Dumas-Perini


Julien Valli

Julien Valli

Sound Operator

Julien Fontaine

Julien Fontaine



Filmcrew at the airport
Hollywood hill and sign
Working of the documentary

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Paoliwood is produced by Mareterraniu and Pimento Prod for France 3 Corse.

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